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Gold Package Series Ring Starter Package Special
Gold Package Series Ring Starter Package Special Item #Gold Package Series Rings

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Below Wholesale Price : $1,299.00 144 Pcs Ring Starter Package

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Are you just getting starting to sell rings or want a new collection?

Gold Package Series We is the king of wholesale rings, we want to help you select your rings and display them in your business.  We handle higher quality rings than many suppliers and sell them at a very reasonable price. Rings included in our starter packages are based on long standing historical sales popularity. They are our bestsellers so you really can not go wrong. Proudly we launch this Ring Starter Package for only $1199.00. Our packages will not only make your ring sales very successful, your customers will be commenting on the beauty and excellence of your collection. Shown are some of our best seller. Starter Packages are updated constantly, so you will always receive the newest and hottest styles. Our starter packages have a full range of sizes, you do not have to order one kit for each size to get a selection that will be appropriate for all of your customers, therefore you outlay is less also.





Each package requires no assembly and is shipped with ticketed and sized rings for easy resell. Each Ring Starter Package comes with a Ring displays at no charge (14 ¾ inches by 8 ¼ inches). Each package is sent with our Information Packet that will contain a Welcome Letter and Discount Coupons. The three options are: the Gold Starter Package Series, the Silver Starter Package Series and the Bronze Starter Package Series. Each package offers unique amenities that will greatly increase your profit and the future sales of your business. To see other package just enter: Ring Starter in the SEARCH at the top of each page.


Gold Package Series features our 144 Higher End Rings including back-stock in sizes 5-10 and 2 free ring displays at up to 20% off wholesale price! The package also comes with a sampling of Designer-Jewelry Jewelry’s Boxes and Pouches. This package is available for $1199.00. Retail value of $4799.00 or more Higher Quality Rings at a Excellent Price