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Do you want to make sure that your Jewelry store or Jewelry website is successful? Here are some helpful tips for customers to increase their business. Designer Jewelry is #1, we supply higher quality jewelry than most company carry at exceptional prices.

  • ADVERTISE When you ship jewelry always include a jewelry catalog or catalog sheets. You can make a catalog on our site (see CATALOG top of each page). It does not cost you anything to include sales sheets and jewelry coupons in the order you are shipping. Make sure your 800 numbers and/or your jewelry website address are easy to find on these jewelry sales aids. Leave your jewelry catalog sheets and jewelry business cards for customers. Place ads in news papers and in all the free internet services, including jewelry auctions, jewelry directories and jewelry social networks.

  • UPDATE Move your Jewelry around, change your jewelry displays frequently. When you make changes; customers often see jewelry they may have missed for the very first time; and than make a jewelry purchases. Make sure your jewelry boutique is interesting; make new jewelry displays and arrangements; celebrate the holidays with decoration and jewelry sales. Get your customers excited and in the mood to buy jewelry. They will buy something all the time; even if it's cheaper jewelry. Don’t forget to update your sale tools and website also.

  • MAKE NEW PURCHACES Constantly add new costume jewelry to your inventory; keeping your fashion jewelry fresh. When you buy a small amount of new jewellery, customers will look at all of your jewelry again and make purchases. Keep your customers excited and buying your special jewelry.

  • OFFER SPECIALS Make sure you always have jewelry specials available for your customers.

  • OFFER UNIQUE JEWELRY Expensive and Special jewelry may not sell as fast as others; however, many times they works “over time” selling jewelry for you. Plus you have “that special jewelry” when you need it. This type of jewelry keeps people coming back to you, as they remember the unique jewelry gifts you carry. We have many unique and special wholesale rings, earring, necklace, bracelets and more that meet this requirement.

  • DISPLAYING JEWELRY Arrange Fashion Jewelry in a rainbow; many jewelry boutique owners find that if they arrange fashion jewelry with the same colors together, people match up jewellery and make multiply jewelry sales. Meaning, if you place all your reds together in one area, customers may find an earring and a necklace they want to wear together. This jewelry does not have to match in your eyes, only in the customers’. You will sell 2 or 3 pcs. of fashion jewelry instead of just one piece of jewelry. Offer jewelry sets for bigger sales; maybe with a discount.

  • DON’T FORGET STAPLE JEWELRY Make sure you always have “staple items” such as hoop earrings and chains available for your customers. Plus this jewelry works with other jewelry to make jewellery sets for more sales. It also allows you to customized lengths and styles for your customers, so you can make “the jewelry sale”. Many times customers have charms or pendants that require chains. Go to our necklace section to see the many types and sizes of chains we offer at or

  • MAKE SURE JEWERLY IS CLEAN Your jewelry must be clean and perfect at all times, to create positive jewelry sales. Your customers will be impressed with how you show your jewelry and take care of it. They will want to buy jewelry for themselves and others.

  • TRY A DIFFERENT ARENA House parties are a very popular way to sell designer jewelry at this time people are using this as a form of socializing while they are making jewelry purchases. You can have fun and meet new customers at one time. Plus, set your friends and family up as jewelry sales people. See our Premium Jewelry Collection and Deluxe Jewelry Collections on line, they are perfect for making jewelry sales anywhere; they come with a salesmen’s jewelry cases to carry your jewelry in. Place flyers in public placing to advertise your parties to sell jewelry. Your work, school, gym, club are other places you can sell and have gathering at also.

  • INTERNET SALES You can sell jewelry on the internet. Use E-Bay, Amazon or other sales/auction sites.

  • USE OUR FREE SHOPPING CART For information click on to Free Shopping cart, bottom of each page.

  • PRESENT YOUR JEWELRY WELL Display all of your designer jewelry to its best advantage. We carry many jewelry displays to help you with this, if you need assistance, just call or e-mail, we are here to assist you in any way. We carry lots of wholesale jewelry supplies that allow you to show your jewellery off to it best advantage.

  • GIFTS AND PROMOTIONS Offer your customers a jewelry gift with a certain dollar size jewelry purchase, or increase the size of your customers purchase by giving jewelry to them with their purchases. Make a scale; the more jewelry they buy the more valuable the jewelry gift is. Its fun and works well to bring customers back over and over to buy your fashion jewelry and see what your current promotion is.

  • HAVE JEWERLY FOR EVERYONE Make sure you have jewelry for every age; sex and economic level don’t miss a jewelry sale, because your selection is too limited. Have jewelry to sell for everyone. We carry costume jewelry from .50 to 50.00 and more each! Just surf our jewelry websites.

  • SALES CAN BE MADE ANYWHERE You can sell jewelry to anyone, anywhere! Don’t be afraid, approach everyone. Create new jewelry customers. Everyone is going to need jewelry gifts for holidays and special occasions and can become your jewelry customer.

  • PROVIDE GIFT WRAPING Offer to wrap jewelry for males or busy gift givers. Or ask your customer for a list of those they need gifts for so you can help them shop. Providing boxes and bows helps everyone’s busy schedule. Assisting your jewelry customers create jewelry sales. Offer free gift wrapping for all jewelry purchases over a certain dollar amount works well. See our lovely jewelry boxes and jewelry supplies to make this very simple for you. Make it easy to shop and make jewelry sales. People are busy and need your help.

  • BE READY TO CUSTOMIZE JEWELRY Make sure you have jewelry to customize your jewelry with, for example, if a customer wants to purchase a pendant and requires a certain length chain, or wants it to drop to a particular place to wear with an outfit, you should have an assortment of chains that you can meet this need with. This way, you can still make the jewelry sale. This kind of jewelry service brings customer back to you again and again. We carry components, chains, findings, fittings and items to repair and make jewelry with. Be ready, don’t miss a jewelry sale.

  • BOGO & SIDEWALK SALES Is a good way to move jewelry. Offer: buy one, two or three and get one free or for half price, as the fashion jewelry allows. Make this jewelry more interesting to your customers. Remember we carry 500 pieces of jewelry below 3.89 each, if you want to spice up your jewelry sales or want to do a jewelry side walk sale. Also see Jewelry Specials and Closeouts for more great jewelry prices.

  • Create “COME BACK JEWELRY SALES” offer a credit in a certain value when your customer purchases an amount in jewelry sales. You can keep a record where others can see it, if you want to create a local jewelry competition. So, that a group of people are working on earning this credit or “Special Jewelry” you are displaying by their amount of purchases and/or dollar size sales, as you decide. You can offer certain jewelry instead of a credit, if you have some real special jewelry that will keep customers returning. We carry Authentic Swarovski Austrian Crystal Jewelry, Coldwater Creek, Chico, Disney and more that comes directly from the factories in their very special packaging that works well, along with many other designer brand jewelry items.

  • Always have “POINT OF PURCHASE” jewelry sales offers near your check out area, or the front of your jewelry store or website, so customers can make one more jewelry purchase. These jewelry impulse sales work well, if they are not too expensive and are something that might hold a special interest for customers. SKU 2250 is perfect “point of purchase” costume jewelry; just put these lovely roses with the earrings in a vase and you have your very own display.

  • REMIND YOUR CUSTOMERS TO REMBEMBER Teachers, Maids, Friends, Aunts and Uncles, Shut Ins, Ministers, Mothers, Fathers, Babies, Sisters, Brothers and etc. they all need jewelry. Also it is nice to have a few jewelry items," just in case", for people that have been forgotten or show up unexpected. Help your customers be ready; meet their fashion jewelry needs. They will be thankful. Men's and Children’s jewelry is very popular and we have great selections.

  • KEEP YOUR JEWELRY CURRENT Make sure you always have some of the latest jewelry styles available for your young and stylist customers. If you need help, contact us or go to NEW at the top of each page in our websites. We add new goods daily to our shopping carts

  • GIFT CERTIFICATES Many time customers can not make decisions or do not know what to buy for someone else. Provide gift certificates they can give; this will also provide you with new customers.